Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ginger Cayenne Tea

Ginger and cayenne in tea form can cure lots of what ails ya, and today I’m trying to cure the dark threat of summer ending, posed by some nasty, cold rain that has moved in and made itself comfortable here in Virginia. That and the excesses of my beach vacation last week. So this morning’s workout was followed by a couple cups of this┬ádetoxifying hot tea.

detox ginger and cayenne tea

Simple, easy, fresh – ┬árun-of-the-mill sales pitch, but true, and anything but mediocre results. Just peel some ginger…

peeling fresh ginger for ginger tea

Slice it. I run in circles with no such perils now, but for many years had to engrave my initials into every knife and kitchen tool that could be etched to keep them from being stolen in restaurant and catering kitchens.

making fresh ginger tea

Just add water, nuke, and polish it off with a pinch of cayenne, some lemon and honey or agave. I have agave on hand because I liked the idea that it’s lower glycemic and sweeter (therefore needing less in order to sweeten), but I will probably just use it up and not buy it any more because most of the ones available are more processed than honey. Here is a brief comparison of the two, and here is a more comprehensive, yet very digestible review and opinion on natural sweetener options.

This mug, which was a gift from a friend, allows one to drink out of either end, depending on the sunny or otherwise disposition one wants to communicate while caffeinating or detoxing. Sometimes one may start with one mug orientation and evolve to the other. It depends on the day and the one drinking, but I generally try to choose the YES! orientation so that I may appear not nearly as defeated and burned out as I am, and more positive and outgoing and just possessing gobs of gumption. Gumption, were you to ask my great grandmother, is really all you need. So when I’m not producing it organically, I sometimes try to manufacture and I feel this mug helps move the needle ever so slightly on my gumpto-meter.

detox ginger and cayenne tea

So does this tea.. am I buff yet?


Fresh Ginger Cayenne Tea


1 1-inchish piece of fresh ginger
1 lemon wedge
1 pinch cayenne pepper
1/4 - 1/2 tsp honey or other sweetener of your political persuasion


- peel and slice ginger.. I slice on a bias across the grain because I think it exposes more surface area and might get more flavor out of it.. just a theory though
- add ginger and one cup of water to a microwaveable mug (switch-hitting or otherwise) and nuke for about one minute on high
- check temp and stir in lemon juice, cayenne and honey or whatever

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