Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Perfect Little Picnic… Sandwich

My mother-in-law feels these are a brilliant Italian version of the crowd pleasing ham biscuits she grew up with in Virginia, and she is right right RIGHT!

ok, let’s settle down now… The hubby, his folks and I were scheduled to do a suppertime cruise last night with wine and cheese, so I started by buying some savignon blancs and a Pomerol : ) ┬áspecial treat time!

It happened on land because this is not ideal boating picnic weather..

Potomac River Storms 2013

It got so exciting that the hobie cat we keep tied down to an anchor in the sand was lifting it’s starboard hull (in this pic the left side of the boat) and threatening the noisemaking nightclub downwind… we should probably rethink our polite anchoring next tornado warning. but I digress

Hobie Cat Blowing Away in Storm

I collected six cheeses because I don’t really know my in-laws’ tastes for triple creme, sharp, stinky, herby, earthy, like-it’s-from-a-stall kind of cheeses, but then on top of that, I remembered I had on hand some bresaola lovingly made by the kind and gentle hands at Red Apron Butchery!┬áSo I had no choice but go pick up some robiola cheese and fresh country bread.

And the result was of course luscious… and so easy to achieve after all of the care from the bakers, the cheesemakers and the buthcers (sorry no candlestick maker this post ; ) Try to follow me here: Slice bread and schmeear robiola (ab 2.5 oz for these two large slices of bread but I won’t unfriend you if you wanna put more)…

Robiola on Country Bread making bresaola sandwiches

… then top with about 6 small slices of bresaola on each piece, top with another slice of bread and cut into shareable pieces…

robiola and bresaola sandwiches perfect picnic sandwich

who am I kidding? There will be none of these by the time I get home, but for a cook, that’s always good news : )

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