Friday, June 7, 2013

OC Tri Ocean City Swim

A good friend of mine is dain bramaged. He had an oopsy on his motorcycle about 6 years ago and wound up in a coma for long enough that I was able to drive up and visit him several times at Johns Hopkins. Because a small oopsy is all it takes to go from motorcycling to brain trauma, of course you otta wear a full head helmet and be careful out there.

Anyway, since he came out of the coma he’s put in hours and hours of speech therapy and physical therapy, brain therapy, therapy therapy until a few years ago he asked me to join him in his first post-coma mini triathlon. Us beforehand…

Mini Triathlon


I think that overly bright smile on me was a case of nerves. The drunken look on Corey’s face is drain bamage. He sounded drunk too ; )

Well since then Corey’s left me in the dust and finished a 7.5 mile swim across the base of the Potomac River last week! He’s also somehow managed to organize a major event in Ocean City this summer and I’m going to do my first open water swim for one mile. He and a few other crazies will be doing nine miles!! In between is the three-miler. Check it out and join us because the dollars got to the JH Brain Trauma Research Center!

Swim Ocean City logo


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