Thursday, May 30, 2013

Top 10 Reasons to Make a Skinny Frappuccino

Okayfine, there’s nothing intrinsically healthy, organic or cheffy about a frappuccino real, fake, skinny or otherwise. They’re not even cool anymore… for as popular as Starbucks has become (it’s said they have lunar expansion plans), what was once an irritating predictor of upward mobility has become another fast food addiction, but by another price tag. Folks for whom a $4 and 400 calorie coffee is completely unreasonable are lining up.

But my concerns about mankind and the moon aside, I want me some! And whether or not you know it, you want you some. ¬†As I regularly gaze upon my coworker’s daily, ginormo caffeinated celluliter in a cup, I am as yet unready for bikini season (which begins ooofficially in two days). So thoughts of making a homemade buzzy milkshake with lowcal sweetener seem entirely worthwhile… to me anyway, but in case you still wonder if it’s worth dirtying that blender you bought for green drink I offer…

Top 10 Reasons to Make a Skinny Frappuccino

10. An almondmilkshake with a stimulant is an ‘Energy Shake’

9. It’s 5 am somewhere

8. We may not be the first to do it,but it’s still not a cake pop or kale chips

7. We’re fluent in Madeupitaliano

6. Huh, a worthwhile non-alcoholic frozen drink

5. Whipped cream, in moderation, but whipped. cream.

4. It’s a good antidote to the wine slurpy (write for further details)

3. RedBullccino is disgusting

2. The term frappuccino must get major hits on Google

1. Because we want to be rich and skinny like Bethenny Frankel

skinny frappucinos


Skinnied Down Frappuccino

Yield: 2-4


1 cup double strength coffee, chilled
1 cup almond milk (or whatever light milk you're into)
2 packets or about 2 tsp of lowcal sweetener, I use Stevia
3 Tbsp sugar free caramel sauce
2 cups ice
1 cup or so whipped cream, I usually do fresh by hand - good for the triceps


- combine the coffee, milk, sweetener, and 2 tbsp caramel sauce in a blender
- add ice and blend until smooth
- pour into glasses, top with a little whipped cream and drizzle with a bit of remaining caramel sauce


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