Sunday, December 16, 2012

Come on in, Drink

While I am not actually trying to get a drink in your hand before you get your coat off when you come to my house for a visit, it might seem that way.

I had two challenges. Well, many more than that, but let’s focus on two so it will seem like I’m getting somewhere in my life. Ok, two challenges: a foyer with hodge-podged furniture that didn’t look or function right, and a kitchen workspace right under a cabinet full of booze. The result? An empty foyer and living space and a kitchen full of people who want cocktails in the middle of where I cook.

So when I sought help from the fabulous Donna Brandon, home stager and decorator, with the various and sundry items my marriage and move to King George brought, I explained what I wanted. I wanted to use custom kitchen cabinetry and refrigeration to create a piece of furniture that would inconspicuously serve as a bar in my foyer… the only place I had room for it.

While I wanted a bar in the foyer, I didn’t want it to look like I have a bar in the foyer. That, of course, would be tacky. So after many failed attempts at explaining this idea, Donna finally found someone at the Stafford, VA Lowe’s who could appreciate my boozy ‘vision.’

She worked it out exactly to my dimensions so that I’d have some good storage and two refrigerated drawers for beers, wine, mixers, juices… I put a container of lime wedges in there when we’re entertaining.  So now guests can easily help themselves  to a brew or make a cocktail while I move freely in the kitchen.

and you know how this helped with fridge space in the kitchen : )

We installed a water filter on the sink, so instead of buying lots of bottled water I fill these (bpa free) plastic carafes with lids. I usually keep two in there, and add a third one for overnight guests to take upstairs when they want it. I do the same with my workout water bottle, and also make pitchers of iced tea or green teanis or bloody marys and store them in the bottom drawer.

Some wine bottles are a little too tall, but they fit fine if I just lean them over.

There was also the matter of the facing wall in the foyer being loaded with utility stuff like switches, a smoke detector and some other ugly stuff. So I got a cool, industrial looking rod and clippy curtain rings from West Elm and then made a wall hanging to hopefully snap it up a little. Some day I’m going to get around to making a variety of the wall hangings. In the meantime, I thought it looked great with this beautiful Mexican sage a friend brought to a girls’ night dinner. Think I might have to try growing some next year I loved it so much.

After enough of this photo shoot I decided to indulge in some of Fredericksburg finest… stout from Blue and Gray Brewing Co. So here’s my ‘action shot.’ Football time – Go Redskins!


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