Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We Need to Clean Up This Crap!

This is what my nephew exclaimed upon returning to a basement full of toys at my parents’ house. Later my sister confessed that most likely she was the muse for such a statement from a 4 year old.

Now I hear it echo in my brain as I pass certain parts of our yet unsettled house, including this stair landing going down to the basement. Just look at it.. we need to clean up that crap!

With real estate running tight on the first floor a decided that this little area should become what else? but a wall of wine. All I needed was a way to store the wine bottles so they go flat against the wall, not sticking out perpendicular from it so that we’d still be able to navigate the stairs. After much inet surfing I finally found what I was looking for – it’s called a ‘vintage view’ wine rack. I’d like to get three,plus a smaller one for the upper part of the wall but we’re starting out with the one that was generously donated by family members Geoff and Patti. We slapped some paint on the walls, hung our first wine rack and a painting and voila! It’s less crappy!

Now I just have to figure out how to send someone to the wine wall to grab a bottle, without giving the impression that it would be ok to actually go into the basement where you just wouldn’t be able to believe that crap.


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