Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Whine Before Wine and A Visit to Terembry Farm

me: I’m going to do a quick and dirty paint job on the unfinished stairwell so I can set up a wine storage wall, without calling in FEMA or my father-in-law. Aaand it needs to be quick so I have before/after pictures to send in an overdue thank you note for a generously given wine rack to help our currently pitiful wine storage.


… gets leftover ‘Toasted Pine Nut’ by Sherwin-Williams and starts painting

myself: This looks like crap. If Martha Stewart or Patrick O’Connell or my mother were here I would have to fabricate some story about wanting to achieve a charming-wine-room in Beirut look, and elaborate with tales of a brief but intense bb-gun shoot-out .

me:  Nice neolithic reference you 40-something, budding Daily Show writer. Is that Sarah Silverman calling? Beirut is a tourist destination at this point. Has been for several years.

myself: Fine, it’s a Tuscan sun settling on Flint, Michigan.

me: Stop it. Just stop it and get yourself together, there’s an overdue thank you note at stake here. This is going from bad to worse.

myself: You’re right. Sometimes you’re right.

me: Just put the Pine Nut down and start spackling.

… and so now this dust bowl. Thank goodness there was Sunday afternoon on the farm to break up my mess making.

It was a classically beautiful Virginia fall day and we (now I mean me and Brian) had a nice drive to Sumerduck where our CSA, Terembry Farm is located. And as serendipity would have it, this is also where quite a few Virginia wineries are located. So we enjoyed a wine tasting from Rogers Ford Farm Winery, a tour of the farm, and some great eating. And of course now we have more wine to store.

Terembry Farm has been left fallow for the last decade so that Sharon, intrepid Farmess, can pursue organic certification. This year she has used all organic farming practices and spent many hours working the farm and then tirelessly searching the inet for organic bug management solutions. Here are some red bean plants, chilies and Sharon showing us the farm.














Apollo greeted his fans warmly and gave me a red carpet moment. There were some other followers and the neighboring chickens enjoying a bowlful of tomato scraps.











Then it was time to retrieve the chardonnay from the cooler, nibble on goat cheese stuffed banana peppers, socialize and relax while John prepared a menu of pumpkin soup, tomatoes and veggies, pasta with pesto, pan roasted chicken and jalapeño corn pudding. We relaxed under the pecan and black walnut trees which have their low-hanging limbs because Sharon’s mother taught her they improve the trees’ yields.  What a coincidence, I love low-hanging fruit.








It was a wonderful fall afternoon on the farm with great wine and a wonderful and lovingly prepared dinner, including cheddar pecan roasted apples and freshly brewed coffee. Thanks Sharon, John and Emily for the hard work and hospitality!

I always enjoy some time on a farm.

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