Monday, September 10, 2012

extra crispy

When I prayed for a spectacular barbecue this past weekend, I should have been more specific. This is my golf cart.

After a wonderful evening with family and friends at our pig roast on the beach, four of us hopped on the golf cart and came back to the house for the evening. We were home and winding down for about 30 or 40 minutes when suddenly there were huge flames leaping up in the back yard right off the deck. Inexplicably, the cart had caught fire and the fire extinguisher, hose and running with buckets of water wouldn’t hold it back.


Here it was last week, seemingly healthy with buckets of goodies for out-of-town guests and barbecue sauce gifts we made. My buckets had mini wine bottles and plastic glasses with wine glass ‘flip flops.’ Some granola bars, Old Bay and Salt n’ Vinegar potato chips since those make me think of boardwalk fries, and some water bottles and other snacks. We’ll miss our cute cart ┬ábut I’m glad the fire department got here before the house caught fire!


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