Saturday, September 15, 2012

Charred Remains of the Damned

You know how you inadvertently wind up on mailing lists? I guess since Brian recently went through the whole hassle of registering, repairing and outfitting our golf cart for the county, he wound up ordering a headlight doohicky and a little side view mirror.

Given that the fire chief believes that possibly our never ever used seat belts could have caused our fire on Saturday night, I’m not so convinced about the safety of some of these measures, but it did land us onto a mailing list apparently, because we started receiving this yesterday.

Who knows? The fire chief said that he can’t confirm his theory without bringing out a forensics engineer who, turns out is not on salary to investigate my piddly golf cart. And anyway, Brian has his theory, which is that orange is such a hot color right now, that the cart spontaneously combusted out of sheer awesomeness. I’m hoping orange is hot today – Go Tennessee Volunteers!


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