Wednesday, August 8, 2012

liver loophole

I’ll never understand some of the food bans and regulations in this country that favor highly industrialized processing of animals and outlaws traditional and raw food creation and preparation. You barely need to go half a mile from any point in our fair land to score a carton of cigarettes with mystery chemical-laced tobacco, but we have to go underground to get a gallon of raw cow’s milk.

But there are those who find dairy farmers for their raw milk and cheese and there is one guy who has found a way to serve foie gras in California in spite of their ban on the luscious duck liver! Apparently, according to this article, if you’re technically giving the foie away then there’s a way to serve it.

Thus was born the ‘Shut the Duck Up Burger’ from Jason Quinn at The Playground restaurant. Double rib-eye cheeseburgers with seared foie on top. Duck yeah!

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