Monday, August 6, 2012

Cool OCD Cutting Board System

If you ever need to have open heart surgery, I suggest you have it in my parents’ dining room. Or any other part of their house which will be equally ordered, cleansed and sanitized. My parents’ house is truly one of the cleanest places in the solar system, and I orbited through that corner of it just the other day when I learned a new, nifty little trick from Mom.

But first, exhibit A. Here is the set-up for a crab feast at my parents’ house… if you are not from the mid-Atlantic US then you may not know that a crab feast is a lengthy, sticky, salty and smarmy affair with beer spillage and crab guts everywhere… This, in other words, is totally inappropriate.

Ok, back to how you, I and other mortals can keep things clean and easy… For all of the efficiencies and speed I’ve learned in commercial kitchens, this new simple move from Mom really works without lots of wiping down, rinsing and dirtying towels. Great system Reenie!

All you do is use a small cutting board next to your main cutting board. The small one for onions, garlic, shallots, topping and tailing squash etc – anything that soils and screws up your board, you do on the small one. Then without having to continually wipe down your main board, you just move things over to it – all nice and clean – once you done the dirty work of removing root ends, peeling and putzing. Sorry for the crumb on the counter. This pic is from back at my house. sugh, nice and clean, but no operating room.

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