Saturday, August 11, 2012

Commenting on Blogpost

Some days I do things smoothly and it’s all good. This is not one of those days. To start, it took me an eternity to comment on a bloodspot blog

It took me an eternity when I first tried to do that a few months ago and I could swear I made notes about how I finally prevailed, but the notes eluded me this morning. So here are new notes, this time recorded on the internet. According to google and yahoo searches, commenting on blogspot is a real, pervasive jabbing pain in the ass, so hopefully this will help you too if you happen to have a similar arrangement.

Even if you have a WordPress account, that option won’t work. Nor will the Open ID option in the drop-down; blogspot won’t authenticate your url. Mean blogspot. I don’t feel validated. But I had to dust off my insecure self and march on, so then I chose the google option and signed into an old gmail account which I did begrudgingly because I wanted to post as chefinista of course. But ta da! It seemed to work out and display my chefinista link along with my comment. I believe because I had a tab open where I was signed into chefinista on WordPress. Or that’s my guess.

So next time I try to comment on Blogspot I am going to do the following. Give it try.

1. Open a tab and sign into WordPress

2. In another tab find a cool website in need of my elaboration

3. Type comment, select Google from the ‘Comment as: Select Profile’ drop down menu

4. Sign into gmail the Blogpost pulls up and then publish the comment


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