Monday, July 16, 2012

Bagel Bombs are the Bomb!

We had a beachy get together on Saturday for which the menu largely revolved around a smoked turkey and the CSA and farm stand veggies I’ve had on hand. However, I have been wanting to take a moment to try a Momofuku┬áMilk Bar recipe that I found published and nicely illustrated here on Amateur Gourmet. So while it didn’t fit with the menu particularly, I had a couple of guests coming who I knew would appreciate them if they turned out alright, and they did! I highly recommend trying these.

One of the most appealing things about this recipe is that it can be done ahead completely and frozen. I think I might make them for the folks hitting the road on Sunday morning after the September shindig we’re planning because I could have them in the freezer and just bake off that morning. I also found that the recipe scaled easily… My first time out I tripled it and tried making the bombs in various sizes and it all worked out. Plus the dough only proofs once, so it’s a really unfussy recipe that delivers great results!

Some notes: I found the cream cheese came out a bit salty, so I won’t measure the salt and will mix to taste next time. Since the cheese was slightly over seasoned this time, I kept the additional salt out of the ‘everything’ mix and it balanced out in the end.

The recipe is written to have 1 ounce of cream cheese per bomb, which is a lot in my opinion, so I tried some smaller versions and that ratio of cheese to dough suits me personally, but folks loved all of them. My friend Kendrea gave me a bomb hug after eating one fresh out of the oven!

At some point I am going to use them on a plated dish – probably salmon – and for that I would use the 1 ounce version. And obviously the cheese flavor and bagel finishing options are tremendous, so I’m looking forward to future experiments. Thank you Christina Tosi and David Chang!

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