Wednesday, July 25, 2012

somewhat secret sauce

It’s been a brilliant summer day in DC today! I was in Alexandria making plans for a beach party we’re throwing in September. I love the linens we picked out. The lighting made it tough to get the colors just right, but it’s a very charming combo of navy and pink… you’ll see when I post pics of the event itself!

Then I went to Georgetown to buy the hubby a decent pair of shorts. I used to work and play there (a lot of both), and I was so swamped with memories and happy vibes being in Georgetown with everyone on the streets, cheerful in the sunny day. Then I went home in a way and at an hour that should have spared me sitting in a bunch of traffic, but alas, I got stuck in some muck.

Aaand I was famished. So I decided to stop at Ft. Washington Marina in my old neighborhood in southern Maryland for a Scooby snack.

That’s when I came accross a delish crab cake and snazzy sauce. ‘Delish? Snazzy?’ you think to yourself.. ‘ok, I can’t trust her editorial choices after all.’ But I’m telling you those terms are appropriate. The terms, and the sauce may not ‘gourmet’ business plucked from the tomes of Escoffier, but it was really good. I didn’t plan to eat the sauce, but before I knew it, half the plate was clean.

I told the bartender it tasted kind of like Old Bay, mayo, and a little ketchup.. he said ‘yup, and paprika and hot stuff.’ I don’t know if there was more to it, but it was a great change-up to the usual tartar or remmy, and we Chesapeake-region folks like a little heat next to our sweet crab. Gonna try making a version of it soon for sure.

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