Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bag Lady 2.0

Find that as you run to the car in the morning you’re grabbing old shopping and grocery bags to corral some extra files and the healthier lunch and snacks you packed up the night before? I was doing this. I have a beautiful coat and beloved pink patent Kate Spade purse, that I’d then accessorize with files, tupperware, a laptop, Food Lovers’ Companion and other sundry items in old shopping bags and sometimes an old boating cooler.

In my recent shift from Dansko clog and chef coat wearing to dressing up and working in a front office, I realized that I need a more practical solution with less of a ‘shopping cart lady’ look. I’m happy to report that I did just that with my BuiltNY ‘Gourmet Getway’ and laptop bag.

These Built bags are made with neoprene which makes them stretchy, affordable, water resistant and washable! I found two styles which fit what I need and managed to coordinate their colors. I chose the Gourmet Getaway style for my lunch tote because it’s a little bigger and zips closed, helping insulate the food.


The stretchiness is great after trying to puzzle tupperware containers into a rigid little cooler. This puppy easily holds two pyrex dishes here, but I’ve also managed to get some small bottles, extra sandwiches and even my Food Lovers’ in there without anything getting too squished or mushed.


Then I needed something for a laptop but also for random odds and ends, papers, bills, insurance claims and other painful things so I found this Built bag. Because my purse is a shopper that I hook onto my lower arm, and the lunch bag has a handle, I wanted this to be a shoulder bag. It all works together great! The soft, stretchy double straps make it comfortable on my shoulder and again, it has all sorts of give to accomodate cookbooks, my camera and things of other odd shapes. There is an interior zip pocket for the laptop which keeps it cushioned and dry, then there is room on each side for stuff, with two snap pockets that carry chargers, ipods, phones etc.


Then when I’m home and don’t need them for a couple of days I just empty them out, roll them up and don’t worry about them. Check them out for lots of different bags, sizes and styles both chick and dude-friendly. I’m using two Gourmet Getaways as part of a Christmas gift  : )

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