Saturday, March 5, 2011

If found, return to Anegada


This was my first year to visit the eastern most BVI of Anegada. If it’s possible for tranquility to be startling, that is what happened as we approached this island. We had spent the previous couple of nights watching the Superbowl on an inflatable big screen on the beach and enjoying a pirate ‘Happy AAAaar’ show which were fun and crazy, and then we sailed over to Anegada, the only island in the BVI that you need some navigation because it lies far enough out that you can’t simply sight-nav, or in other words, just say ‘hey, I see Jost van Dyke over there. Point the boat that way.’
There is another critical detail. Anegada is a coral reef island, so there is some reef dodging to do with your 50 foot sailboat as you pick your way in to hopefully find a mooring ball. After a beautiful reaching sail from Virgin Gorda both of those things proved to be challenging. Aside from one of our shipmates losing our positioning on the radar while under way, it turns out the radar would have guided us directly into some of the reef if we hadn’t picked up the marks. And then the only available mooring ball was reserved.
We learned this from a guy who zipped up in a dinghy and claimed it was his uncles ball and after some time came back to say he’d negotiated something on our behalf and that we could stay there and invited us to dine at his restaurant that sat on the beach on the boat’s port side. This was his, and for the night our dining room after it was set for dinner service. It was welcome serenity after the parties and navigating in.

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