Friday, March 11, 2011

by reservation only


When, not if I return to Anegada I will remember clearly how I sat on that glorious dining beach with the emptiest stomach after smelling the island charcoal burn for hours. No matter which of the few small restaurants in which you’d like to dine, the proprietors expect to get your full dinner order along with your reservation. Don’t plan on placing an order once you get to the restaurant. You need to either visit in advance or get copies of menus on your boat so you can radio in your order. The tiniest of hassles for the flavors here. Sublime and intangible. Issues and hassles… and then you are licking your fingers, staring off in a dream state wondering what just happened to your food.
Our dinner the first night here began this way, with wood collected from island interior, kindled by pine needles swept up off the beach where they cooked. The wind moves through the shore trees in a way that they are called ‘whistling pines.’ The sounds, smells and watching the ritual of getting ready for dinner service remind me of being a child and feeling the pulse of a family holiday come together.

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