Saturday, March 5, 2011

bird by bird

Dear fair friends and family to whom I return from a real galley out on a 50 foot sailboat visiting the British Virgin Islands, sorry for the delay and thank you for sticking by me!


‘Sometimes I go about pitying myself. And all the while I am being carried on great winds across the sky.’ – Lakota Sioux 

I am using a pic from last year and licking the wound of having lost our camera at the end of the trip with all of my would-be blog pictures by reading the brilliant Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird. It is a book on writing and she has motivated to get back onto my blog even though all of my planned entries have been foiled. She does it by writing in a way that makes me cry and laugh a lot. Sometimes at the same time… for which I am grateful, and bitter. If you are not interested in writing, I suggest you read all of her other books.
Anyway, she says that virtually every first draft is a shitty first draft and that you must just write it. So thanks to you, my few who are with me on the early, shitty first draft days of this blog. I shall be releasing Galley Wench 2.0 soon I promise. Watch for an announcement on CNN and Fox News.
In the meantime, I was on a big sailboat on the ocean for 10 days and we had big air and a big time, and on to the next adventures.

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