Wednesday, March 23, 2011

bacon droppings

ok, I know how unpopular this opinion might be, but can we stop with the chocolate-suffocated bacon yet? It’s not a cupcake, it’s not that new, it’s not that good, and by the way, fyi… we can’t refrigerate the bacon after we make it.

I get it. I love swishing my bacon and sausage in the maple syrup from my pancakes. For as long as I can remember my mother will often forgo the eggs or pancakes so that she can toast an english muffin and top it with peanut butter and a few select strips of crispy bacon. And it is good. But the way these bacon choco-turds have taken over the catering community.. seriously, this is our version of Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus?

Just when I have left a catering company where we’ve been making various versions of this besmirched pork belly for 2 years, I find a new set of fevery sales people, deperate for me to add this to add it to the hors d’oeuvre offering. Aside from my own personal irritation with this trend, and our executive chef’s loathing of it, there are also the production details to consider.

The bacon has to be uber-crispy before it is dunked into any of these sugar laden substances because they tend to make it very soggy. And if you have ever made bacon and refrigerated your leftovers, you know that refrigerated bacon is a lifeless, limp and chewy version of its former grandeur and that the only way to restore it is to reheat it. Not so with chocolate of course. You can’t reheat the chocolate, so our only option to maintaining any ‘crispiness’ in this laden carnivore confection is to leave it out at room temperarture. Not that I am a fan of a lot of our food-handling restrictions either, but I like the option of refrigerating proteins.

I, sadly, am not Grant Achatz, and so in my career can not avoid dealing with these trends in some pedestrian way. Somehow I have to deliver on this. So I’m trying to get chef and sales on the same page with some kind of chocolate whoopie pie with bacon, pepita brittle with bacon bits, chocolate shortbread with bacon and maple foam… something with carob? mole pork belly sliders? who knows, but that’s my job and I enjoy it, but all the while I’ll be enjoying my bacon on toast with lettuce, tomato, and a nice schmear of mayo thank you very much.

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