Thursday, January 20, 2011

sel gris


This one is a must. This sticky, coarse salt is perfect for finishing things like buttered crusty bread, or a piece of salmon or beef as it comes off of the grill. Used sparingly it just makes the salmon taste more like salmon or the buttered bread ‘pop.’ And on the back of a boat, with a little sea salt in your hair and eyelashes and a little of this on the grilled seafood, you can feel the salt running through your blood. Follow with a sip of sparkling wine. Rinse. Repeat.
The others that made the cut are the rosemary salt (the one with the green lid) and kosher salt. All packed up in ‘crab cups’ – those small plastic containers you get at a deli – so I thow it in a duffle and onto a plane. Two weeks from now I will be peeling off layers in the St. Thomas airport waiting for it to reappear, and ready to swim off some of the trauma of the past year, and return to my new home Galley Wench 2.0

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