Thursday, January 20, 2011

sea salt at sea


After a crazy busy season and sad news about losing my job at the end of this month, I am trying to rally and get some enthusiasm for packing up a pantry for our upcoming sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands. We will be flying to St. Thomas on February 2nd and chartering a Beneteau 49 directly fom there for 10 days.
There will be 8 of us aboard so it will be full to the beam, and that means there is plenty of provisioning to do. When we get in on the 2nd a couple of us will go almost directly to the grocery, but there are some staples I bring from home, including storage containers, knives, a microplane, sponges and other kitchen necessities you take for granted until you’re in a galley cooking for 8 with a dull paring knife and one towel that’s doubling as everyone’s hand towel and beer cap-prying towel. yuck!
I started the other day with salt. As ungreen and silly as it seems to bring sea salt from France to a sea on the other side of the world, it’s what I do, and I’m ever so happy to have it with me. These are not all of the salts I have at home, and I can’t bring all shown on the trip, but these were the ones under consideration.

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