Friday, December 3, 2010

it takes a hemorrhage


What busy-season ailment is much, much better than putting your finger back together with 3-fold towels and duct tape at the beginning of dinner service? As my luck would have it, an eye hemorrhage!
Last night I wound up working at the Chamber of Commerce doing a plated dinner for 28, rather than moving feasts for the Booz Allen 4500 person gala out at the Udvar Hazy Air and Space Museum because Chef took pity on my compromised vision, the result of some crazy bleeding and unexplained irritation that popped up on Monday morning… possibly after moving liquor boxes around doing inventory says the eye doc.

The Chamber dinner put me much closer to home, and with an earlier end time. It was a great relief to drive before complete and total exhaustion set in, and to do it in 20 minutes, rather than an hour and 20.
This is the 1st course from dinner last night. Seared scallops with baby beets and compressed melon. The various pretty petals are marigold leaves, burgundy amaranth, pea shoots, mache, frisee, and the plate is finished with beet paint and basil powder. I am an old fogey who has not yet learned how to make these powders, but plan on getting a chemistry set soon and sharing my learnings. I just need to find a little time in my own kitchen : )

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